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Unlimited Ninja Description

Join the likes of Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke or even Naruto himself in this online roleplaying game. Nothing can stop you from becoming the most legendary ninja of all time if you level up your character, gather powerful items and train your skills.

If you’re a fan of the infamous Naruto franchise, then this browser game might just be the right pick for you. Every character you have come to love or loathe while watching the TV series or reading the original mangas is included in Unlimited Ninja - and you get to pick which one you want to join forces with, go up against or maybe even play as. There are currently three type of ninjas you get to choose from - Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. Don’t worry if the first character you create doesn’t float your boat, just give the online game another chance and create a different one - playing Ultimate Naruto doesn’t cost you a penny, after all. Once you have decided on a hero you feel comfortable with, it’s time to venture out into the anime world and upgrade your equipment. This includes armor pieces such as belts, boots and headbands, but most importantly also weapons. How are you going to defeat your opponents without one?

As you play through what was once called Ultimate Naruto and complete different tasks, you not only gain experience points or more powerful items, but also enough fame and fortune to increase your ninja rank, battle status and daily salary. Particularly difficult challenges await you in so-called instances. Each dungeon can be entered once a day - you start off with common level ones and will slowly work your way up to hard level instances. Feel free to try your luck in player-versus-player combat as well, just keep in mind that there are two requirements to set foot inside the arena: a minimum level of 25 and enough courage to face other ninjas head-on. Attributes such as your speed, dodge rate, critical strike and physical attack determine the outcome of each and every battle.

Ultimate Ninja falls under the MMORPG category. That means that it’s an online game that features thousands of players just like you. There’s no reason why you should take on every challenge on your own! Grab a friend, open up a new clan and invite people from all around the world to join your guild or simply create your own ninja team and control more than just one character at any given time. This free-to-play browser game also allows you to summon a beast to keep you company while you explore the online world, show off your talents and feast on delicious ramen.


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